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Little River Software has a new php/mysql based tool for quickly producing database applications. All that has to be done is to set up a few configuration files, and the database structure, and your database application is ready to go. Contact Us for more details.
Little River Software can produce custom software applications, just for you.
  • System Design, PHP Programming, Database design and General Development Services.
  • Project Management, and IT Strategic Planning
  • Business Process / Practice Definition.
Little River Software develops customised business applications using:
  • The PHP programming language, MySql (a database), XML, html.
  • Linux and the Apache web server (PHP does run on Windows IIS server)
  • CSS. This site uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

    Every significant improvement to the look and feel of this site can be attributed to CSS. In fact, very little of the original layout remains.

    Look at 'Other Sites' for links to some fantastic CSS pages. CSS also dramatically reduced the images on the site. Desirable, because although they add to the appearance, they usually add no information, and have slow download times. Even with the help of Gimp2.0 (a very good image editing tool), graphic design is not our forte. CSS also reduces the need for Java script which runs badly on some browsers.

Little River Software has business partnerships with other companies to provide:
  • Web Site Hosting.
  • Web Based Application Hosting.
  • Additional programming resources for large projects.
  • Specialised business risk evaluations.
  • Business Analysis and Business Rescue skills.
  • Top Level accounting skills.
  • Business procedure and practice skills.
Our Approach
We can assist in the entire application development process. From designing the application, to doing the programming and getting you up-and-running on your new system. Little River Software is based in Cape Town, South Africa. If you are close by we can sit down over coffee and discuss your requirements. If you are further afield we discuss your requirements over the net. Perhaps you can take advantage of currency exchange rates to get your system at a better price. With many years of IT consulting experience, we know we can help you, read on for more details.
Little River Software creates web programs (or small scripts) for business or individual use. We use the free php programming language. These programs usually run on a web server, but if you want an application development that does not need to be connected to a server you can can run your applications, on a web server, on your PC. Php runs on Linux and windows web servers. We can often save you time and money by building on to, and then supporting, suitable Open Source Software.
We prefer to use the PHP language as it runs on multiple platforms, and offers good performance. We have ASP expertise, but as it offers poorer performance, and less features, we no longer recommend it. See the 'Articles' section for a case study of one problem, and the resulting PHP vs ASP comparison.